Setup a new business center

 Today, in the world, novice businesses with a high degree of scalability in the market have been stealing from a large collection of traditional economies and become key players in the economies of developed countries. This dramatic change, and the global move towards a digital economy, requires timely agility and adaptation in order to benefit from the new capacity created by these changes in the best possible way. Considering the growing growth of the infrastructure capacity of the country, including the growth of 89 percent of the Internet penetration rate and the increase in the number of Internet subscribers to more than 70 million people, of which more than 60 million are mobile broadband users, it is possible to provide new solutions and services in various areas The use of information technology is possible.

Considering the main vision and philosophy of the company's existence, which is to advance the provision of high-quality IT services and development, as well as to provide powerful services and services using existing capabilities and capabilities, and rely on young and expert forces. In the country, the company has set up a new startup center with enthusiasm. The company's native business center of advocacy, in line with its corporate strategy, aims to create a dynamic and high-quality environment by providing key services such as providing a collaborative work environment, providing advisory and coaching services, collaborating on providing initial capital and Seed, facilitating access to markets, facilitating access to existing capabilities and capabilities in the country, and co-operating in obtaining some legal licenses will pave the way for the startup, growth and prosperity of startups.