About Us

Regard to the IT market high potential of Iran’s organizations on service and product exposure and also knowledge and experience existence, we would like to meet proper opportunities to provide solutions and softwares for the customers by their requirements.


Hamitech is a leading integrated IT solution and software service provider offering world class IT solutions, softwares and services which is able to keep up to date with large organizations as well as small and medium organizations on this rapidly evolving competitive business environment.


As the largest IP solution provider within the Iran Judicial System we are working to expand our services to organizations and affiliated companies. In this regard it is required to build close connections based on the customer trust and it has been the basis of our success since foundation.


This company has put its mission to provide IT services and solutions to the governmental enterprise customers and it has been introduced as the executive arm in the field of law and justice by creating an enabler instrument in company.


  • Consult and provide solutions in the fields of communication networks, security, organizational automation and intelligent
  • Establishing Value Added Services like:
    • Law base electronic consulting
    • Enterprise electronic services
  • Credit Card
  • Payment Switch
  • Discount Engine
  • Online Store
  • E-Payment Switch
  • E-Banking Software
  • Smart School System